Pack a Suitcase in Minutes

Whether you are driving an hour down the road for a quick weekend getaway or travelling across the country or globe, packing is a chore that you are going to have to do. It is frankly unavoidable and most everyone hates to do it. I easily fall into that category. Although, unpacking is somehow even worse! However, with the following steps you can be assured you will pack efficiently and quickly.

Step one: use a packing list.

Make your own list or you can even use a handy app called PackPoint. PackPoint takes your trip activities and weather into consideration and helps you know what you will need while on your trip. If you are like me, you literally empty your whole closet while pondering all the outfits you will need. So not only do you have to finish packing, you then have to repair your closet. It is truly exhausting.

Step two: Pre-pack your toiletries.

Get yourself some quart sized clear bags that are great for zipping and make going through security a breeze. When it is time to pack everything up, you can just grab these bags from your bathroom and wala! Simply replenish when you return from your trip to make it easy for the next getaway.

Step three: Pack mix and match clothes.

There are so many clothes that you can wear as a daytime outfit and then quickly change it into a nighttime outfit with a simple belt or change of shoes. When vacationing, it is important to bring along clothes that you can easily work with like this. Have you ever heard of the 54321 packing guide? It is five tops, 4 bottoms, 3 dresses and 3 shoes and 2 swimsuits and 1 bag. By following this guide you ensure that you will have everything you will need for a trip! Save space folks-pack smartly! Also, remember to wear the more bulky items while traveling to save even more space.

Step four: Lay everything out before packing.

Laying everything out before you even open that suitcase helps you really see everything you have and usually you can take an item or two out-saving you even more room.

Step five: Pack away.

I tend to roll a lot of my clothes when packing. It really seems to help me get a few more items stuffed in. Pack heaviest items at bottom and work your way up!

Bam! You are done! You have everything you need packed away and now just need to count the hours until you are in the car or being dropped off at the airport for your vacation. You know, I hear, that Pigeon Forge and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park are great vacation destinations! Just saying. Also, look at this guy pack! He knows what he is doing and I gained some fun tips from watching.

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